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Finely blended quality ingredients simplify the steps for making the most decadent beverage and dessert creations. Available in a variety of sizes for every type of foodservice operator.



Dark Chocolate
and Cocoa

Delivers indulgent flavor and deep color for amazing dark mochas, hot chocolate, and creative desserts.

and Cocoa

The classic ingredient for an incredible mocha or a batch of brownies.

White Chocolate

Provides the base for the most delicious white mocha and enhances the flavor of many dessert recipes.



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Ghirardelli Professional Products offer a full range of quality ingredients to make great tasting mochas, brownies, cookies, and other plated desserts. Used in professional kitchens by chefs who rely on consistently great tasting premium ingredients from sweet ground powder, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, wafers, or sauces. Enhance your dessert menu and discover the complete portfolio of Ghirardelli Professional Products. Click here to contact your sales representative today.