Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate CandyGhirardelli Dark Chocolate Candy

Explore the robust and intensely delicious flavor of premium dark chocolate with Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares, bars, chips, and other products. High quality cacao beans are the starting point of every Ghirardelli creation. From there, we process the chocolate using the methods we have worked to refine since our founding in 1852. The result is smooth, rich, slow-melting dark chocolate that continues to surprise and delight. Taste the Ghirardelli difference in every bite.

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Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate

Experience the rich, intense chocolate flavor of Ghirardelli dark chocolate bars, squares, chips, and more. Each of our premium dark chocolate products offers the same smooth, melt-in-your-mouth consistency you already know and love, plus a robust, full-bodied flavor that only dark chocolate can provide. Each of our products begins with the finest cacao beans, which are then skillfully dried, roasted, and processed. Choose the cocoa percentage to best satisfy your palate: 60%, 72%, 86%, or 92%, depending on the flavor intensity and tasting notes you prefer. In every variety, the roasted, earthy notes of cacao are beautifully balanced by fruit-forward notes for an intricate flavor finish.

Enjoy our collection of carefully curated fillings designed to perfectly complement our dark chocolate, including gooey sea salt caramel, crunchy roasted almonds, buttery toffee, luscious raspberry, and others. Delight in a moment of pure bliss any time you desire by unwrapping your choice of dark chocolate square flavors. Each intensely delicious dark chocolate square will cater to your senses, and comes individually wrapped for easy portioning. Take your love of dark chocolate to the next level with Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips and baking bars — perfect for whipping up your favorite cakes, cookies, brownies, and other dark chocolate recipes.