Premium Sauces

Ghirardelli sauces are perfect for creating amazing mochas, white mochas, and flavored lattes. In addition, Ghirardelli sauces are exceptional for topping desserts, ice cream, and frozen yogurt, as well as for plate-scaping. Ghirardelli sauces are made with real chocolate, caramel, and cocoa butter for intense flavor.


No Artificial Flavors or Colors ● No Preservatives*


Black Label Chocolate Sauce

Ghirardelli’s silky smooth liquid chocolate sauce. An essential partner for composing seductive beverage and dessert creations.

Caramel Sauce

Ghirardelli’s classic caramel in a luxurious liquid form – an essential partner for sumptuous beverage and dessert creations. Designed to taste like the caramel from Ghirardelli's best-selling milk and caramel squares.

White Chocolate Flavored Sauce

Ghirardelli's velvety smooth, rich white chocolate sauce made with real cocoa butter – an essential partner for elegant beverage and dessert creations

Sweet Ground Chocolate Sauce

Ghirardelli’s iconic Sweet Ground Chocolate & Cocoa – an essential partner for composing exceptional beverage and dessert creations

Sea Salt Caramel Sauce

Ghirardelli’s gorgeously rich and complex Sea Salt Caramel Sauce to elevate any sweet creation. Perfect combination of an intense buttery caramel enhanced by a touch of savory sea salt for an indulgent and balanced experience.

Vanilla Sauce

Ghirardelli’s incredibly aromatic and decadent Vanilla Sauce to create the ULTIMATE vanilla latte experience. Made with real vanilla and Non-GMO, simple ingredients.

Recommended Recipes

Vanilla Mocha

Snickerdoodle Latte

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* Except Sweet Ground Sauce