Experience the rich, luscious fillings and intense chocolate flavor of our signature Ghirardelli chocolate squares. Whether you are craving buttery caramel, fruity raspberry, cool mint, or another unique filling, our premium square chocolates deliver pure joy in every bite. Try a mixed assortment to discover new flavors, or stock up on your tried and true favorites. Ghirardelli chocolate squares make wonderful gifts and are the perfect indulgence to sweeten any celebration.

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Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares

Ghirardelli chocolate squares have been delivering joy for more than 160 years. Our signature individually wrapped chocolate squares feature classic fillings like luscious raspberry dark chocolate squares and buttery caramel chocolate squares. Every Ghirardelli square is made with the intense, slow-melting, high quality chocolate that has delighted chocolate lovers for generations. It all begins with our proprietary cacao bean blends and unique methods of roasting and processing. We take care to source the top quality beans from around the world. After they have been sorted and fermented, the beans are left to dry in nature, starting their journey to become chocolate in the warm rays of the sun.

We only roast the heart of the cacao bean, called the nib, which allows us to produce a more consistent and intense chocolate flavor. The sweetened chocolate is refined and conched to ensure a creamy, velvety texture and to allow the flavors to develop beautifully. The end result? The ultimate chocolate indulgence! Unwrap the square chocolate goodness to sweeten any moment and make life a bite better. With their delicious premium fillings, Ghirardelli chocolate squares are also perfect for elevating your s’mores and other baking recipes.