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Ghirardelli's legacy of creating exceptional products is the result of empowering and equipping our team to take on new challenges, inspire one another and excel in all they do.

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Our Employment Value Proposition is formulated by our five key strengths that permeate our corporate culture, they are:

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    Challenging and Interesting Work

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    Ghirardelli's agile size and streamlined structure gives team members early and regular exposure to exciting projects where their ideas can be heard, valued and realized.

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    Appreciated and Valued by Management

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    Ghirardelli has created a supportive culture in which all team members are recognized, valued and appreciated by management –both professionally and personally. Bottom line: People Matter Here.

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    Training and Development

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    Ghirardelli is dedicated to investing in team members and giving them everything they need to do their best work. We believe that any individual success lays the foundation for our corporate success.

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    High Quality Products and Services

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    Ghirardelli's agile size and streamlined structure gives team members early and regular exposure to exciting projects where their ideas can be heard, valued and realized.

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    Diverse Work Force

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    Ghirardelli team members represent an eclectic mix of backgrounds, ethnicities and work styles –these differences enable us to develop inspired products and services and allow us better serve our customers.

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Discover a place

Where you can be recognized and valued

Where you can inspire and be inspired

Where your ideas come to life

Learn about our values at Ghirardelli

Here’s a quick look at how three of our core business areas bring Ghirardelli’s products from our factories and offices to stores, shops, and restaurants across the country.


Who we are?

We are passionate marketers working to bring our brand alive through new products and creating brand experiences for consumers to enjoy.

What we do?

We develop the brand strategy for Ghirardelli, develop communications to consumers, and manage the product portfolios of confections and baking products that include year-round and seasonal offerings. Our jobs require strong insights from consumers and customers and we rely on integrated cross-functional teamwork to achieve our goals. You will see our products in stores everywhere from large mass retailers, drug stores, club and grocery retailers to boutiques, specialty shops and airport stores.

Did you know?

With a broad portfolio in confections, baking, and mixes, 1 in 4 households have a Ghirardelli product in their home.


Who We Are?

We are passionate employees who work in the Restaurant & Retail Division providing our guests with exceptional products and an enjoyable visit.

What We Do?

We create and deliver to our guests a premium Ghirardelli Chocolate experience that delights all senses! Our goal is to ensure that each guest has a wonderful experience at our Ghirardelli shops and they can’t wait to come back with their friends and family!

Last but not least our E-commerce business unit works tirelessly to ensure Ghirardelli can be found at the top of the search engine results and received on your doorstep when ordered online.

Did You Know?

We provide a sample of luscious chocolate to each and every guest that visits our stores!

Ghirardelli Professional Products

Who we are?

We are passionate employees working in the Professional Products division bringing and introducing our premium trusted brand to food service retailers across the nation.

What we do?

With over a century of experience crafting premium chocolate from bean to bar, we bring to market Ghirardelli ground cocoa products, frappes, hot fudge, hot chocolate and a line of syrups to service businesses, such as restaurant chains, coffee shops, sport stadiums and bakeries. We work with our customers to develop recipes using our premium Ghirardelli products that our customers use to create scrumptious treats to delight their customers.

Did you know?

We have a partnership with the Culinary Institute of America! There we have a Ghirardelli Chocolate Discovery Center on the Greystone Campus in St. Helena, California! The CIA’s chefs of tomorrow train in the Ghirardelli Discovery Center and develop their trade using only Ghirardelli Chocolate!

Be Part of a Delicious Legacy

Since 1852, Ghirardelli has created a legacy of creativity that sets our company apart from our competitors. Today, our innovative heritage continues to thrive, as Ghirardelli team members of different backgrounds work together, joined by a common passion: bringing new, delicious ideas to life. We’ve made it our priority to offer a supportive, engaging culture where our people feel valued, not simply for the skills they bring to our company, but for who they are as individuals.

That’s why we make sure that all of our team members, even if you are new to the company, have the opportunity to work on exciting, challenging projects and are given everything they need to do their best work. So we invite you to explore our opportunities and discover a place where your ideas come to life, as part of our delicious legacy.