Premium Frappé Mixes

Ghirardelli Frappé Mixes are perfect for frozen beverages, including frappés, smoothies, and milkshakes. Our mixes deliver rich and creamy flavor, maintain their integrity after blending, and are easy to prepare with water, milk, juice, or coffee. Simply add your signature ingredients, blend and impress.


Non-GMO ● No Artificial Flavors, Colors, or Preservatives


Dark Chocolate Chip Frappé Mix

An extra bold chocolate experience — rich Dutched cocoa base with Ghirardelli premium chocolate chips

Chocolate Flavored Frappé Mix

A rich, chocolate-flavored base perfect as is or mixed with espresso or coffee

Classic White Frappé Mix

A velvety base that pairs perfectly with espresso, fruit, or other flavorings

Frozen Hot Cocoa Frappé Mix

The creamy, classic taste of hot cocoa made specially for cold drinks

Vanilla Flavored Frappé Mix

A rich base crafted with real Madagascar bourbon vanilla to create indulgent beverages with smooth, even consistency

Mocha Frappé Mix

A well-balanced chocolate with real Colombian coffee

White Mocha Frappé Mix

A creamy, indulgent Ghirardelli flavor blended with real Colombian coffee

Recommended Recipes

S'mores Frappé

Dark Chocolate Chip Frappé

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