Hot Cocoa Mixes

Our incredible, premium Hot Cocoa mixes consistently beat the competition in blind taste tests with their rich, indulgent flavor. Two luxurious, water-soluble blends deliver amazing hot cocoa experiences. Both are available in single-serve packets and 2lb. bulk bags for us in hot cocoa or granita machines. For more information or where to buy, contact your Ghirardelli sales representative, call us at 800-877-9338 Option 3, or email us at professional

Hot Cocoa with Chocolate Chips Caddy Case

SKU 62487 (6ct caddy, 15 1-oz. packets ea)

Hot Cocoa with Chocolate Chips Pouch

SKU 62488 (4ct 2 lbs pouches)

Premium Indulgence Cocoa Caddy Case

SKU 62083 (6ct caddy, 15 1.5-oz packets ea)

Hot Cocoa Pouch

SKU 62012 (4ct 2lbs pouches)