Sauce Pump Case (6 ct)

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Sauce Pump Case (6 ct)

Sauce Pump Case (6 ct)


CS Sauce Pump Case (6 ct)

Take your foodservice operations to the next level with the Ghirardelli Sauce Pump Case (6 ct). These pumps pair with Ghirardelli's Sauce Pump Bottles to conveniently dispense half-ounce servings of your favorite baking chocolates and other sauces. Their consistent and accurate servings make it easy to keep your recipes consistent, while the easy-to-use design ensures a quick and efficient addition to your foodservice operations.

  • Perfect for high-volume food service operators who need consistent portion sizes
  • Conveniently pairs with Ghirardelli's Sauce Pump Bottles
  • Dispenses approximately half-ounce portions for precise measuring

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