Baking Chocolate and Confections

Elevate your desserts from great to extraordinary with premium chocolate chips, baking chocolate bars & more.


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Baking Chocolate and Confections

Inspire your inner chocolatier with premium Ghirardelli baking chocolate. Whether you are preparing a gourmet dessert to please a crowd or a simple stack of chocolate chip pancakes for the family, a delicious end result always begins with premium chocolate. All of our products are made with the highest quality cocoa butter and deep-roasted cacao nibs for an intense flavor. When you bake with Ghirardelli chocolate morsels, you will taste the difference in every bite. We offer a wide selection of baking chocolates in various sizes and flavors, including our beloved milk, dark and white chocolate.

Ghirardelli chocolate chips, baking bars, cocoa powder, and other baking products are prized by professional bakers and home cooks alike for their velvety consistency and rich chocolate flavor. Our baking chocolate bars are ideal for everything from fudgy brownies to cakes and cupcakes. Meanwhile, our baking chocolate chips will elevate any of your favorite chocolate chip recipes. Searching for the perfect finishing touch for your desserts? Ghirardelli melting wafers yield a silky-smooth finish and lustrous sheen – perfect for coating strawberries, truffles, and other confections. You will taste pure joy in every bite!