Golbahar, Production Unit Manager, Molding

What is your position here at Ghirardelli and what do you do?

When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them I'm Willie Wonka! I'm surrounded by chocolate all day and get to make everyone's favorite snack. But in all seriousness, I oversee the production of our chocolate bars and squares, and work with my supervisors, team leads, and operators to ensure that we are operating safely while producing high quality premium chocolate.

How has Ghirardelli helped you in your career development?

I held a production supervisor role prior to working at Ghirardelli and starting as a manager here has been a big step in my career growth. I find Ghirardelli to be a supportive environment where development of employees is definitely a focus. I have been able to improve my leadership and technical skills by attending various training's and learning from my managers, co-workers, and individuals within and outside my department by working with them to either solve a specific issue I have come across or gaining more knowledge on a particular topic. Additionally, in the production department we are focused on embedding Lean into our everyday operations and I have been able to increase my knowledge on the Lean pillars and routes (ex. AM, 5S, and F1), that will help me in improving the safety, quality, and efficiency of my department. This is a huge growth opportunity for all our production employees as not all companies are as far along as we are in their Lean journey and it's exciting for me to get to learn and apply these new skills.

If you could switch your job with anyone else within Ghirardelli whose job would you want?

I would pick to work in marketing or sales as I know very little about the day to day functions of a marketing or sales analyst and I think it would be great to find out!

What advice do you have for a prospective candidate considering Ghirardelli?

This is a great company for someone who enjoys learning skills, continuously improving, and balancing multiple tasks and projects. Specific to my department, there is never a dull moment in production and no two days are the same, so prospective candidates should bring their passion and be driven to see results and make improvements.

What drew you to Ghirardelli originally and what has changed since?

During my interview process, I could sense that the culture of the company is one that values team work and that everyone is focused and working towards the same goals. I still see that now and I'm excited that I'm able to contribute and have an impact on the direction of our operations.

What is your proudest moment at Ghirardelli?

My proudest moments are when I see that my team is developing and learning. Some of these instances include when procedures that have been put in place are being followed and even improved upon and other instances are when I see supervisors, team leads, and operators taking on leadership roles in teams and driving improvements that they really believe in.