Unwrap a moment of pure joy with chocolate caramel squares, featuring a timeless duet of dark, white, or milk chocolate filled with luscious caramel.

Chocolate with Caramel

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Chocolate Caramel SQUARES

Nothing delights the taste buds quite like chocolate caramel candy. Experience a delicious duet of intense, smooth-melting chocolate and luscious, buttery caramel with Ghirardelli caramel chocolates. Our signature chocolate caramel squares are the perfect treat for satisfying your sweet tooth or sharing with others. Choose between decadent dark chocolate, rich milk chocolate, and creamy white chocolate with caramel inside. Or select one of our assortment bags and enjoy all of your favorite flavors. A hint of sea salt adds just the right amount of savory flavor, balancing the rich chocolate and caramel.

Whether you are craving a moment of luxurious indulgence or searching for the perfect gift for that special someone, chocolate with caramel is always a winning combination. Show you have great taste by serving Ghirardelli chocolate caramel squares at your next gathering or using them to top your favorite desserts. A caramel chocolate bar offers a delicious twist to s’mores, especially when paired with fruits, syrups, and other toppings from our collection of caramel chocolate s'mores recipes. However you choose to enjoy them, you will taste the Ghirardelli difference in every bite. Unwrap them one at a time and indulge your senses in a moment of sweetness.