Introducing Premium Chocolate 5LB. Bags

CONVENIENT: Smaller bags are easy to pour and store, with only two bags per 10lb case

ACCESSIBLE: Flexible offerings let you mix and match different chocolate varieties

VERSATILE: Coverture chocolate formats are perfect for flavoring, coating, molding and glazing; non-coverture chips hold up well when baked


72% Cacao Chocolate Chips

A dark couverture chocolate for intense, dark chocolate applications including baked goods, confections, desserts, beverage toppings, and enjoyment out of hand. Superb fluidity for fine molding and enrobing. Perfect for non-dairy recipes.

60% Cacao Chocolate Chips

A versatile couverture chocolate with a creamy, smooth melt that brings rich chocolate flavor to baked goods and desserts. Excellent as an inclusion in cookies and brownies.

52% Cacao Chocolate Chips

A versatile dark chocolate that brings balanced chocolate flavor to desserts including brownies, cookies, quick breads, and trail mix. Perfect for non-dairy applications.

Dark Chocolate Barista Mini Chips

Miniature chocolate chips that bring powerful chocolate flavor to dessert and beverage applications. Excellent topping for ice cream and beverages.

Dark Chocolate Wafers

A versatile dark chocolate great for baking, pastry, and confectionary applications. Excellent for ganache, as well as molding and enrobing.

100% Cacao Unsweetened Chocolate Wafers

Rich chocolate liquor that boosts cacao impact in baking, pastry, confectionary, and ice cream applications. Excellent for controlling sweetness level and preferred sweetener in dark chocolate recipes.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

A versatile chocolate with rich flavor and hints of brownie and vanilla notes. Excellent as an inclusion in cookies, brownies, quick breads, and trail mix. Also great for ganache and topping.

Milk Chocolate Chips

A rich milk chocolate that bring sweet caramel notes to baked goods, especially as an inclusion in cookies and blondies. Great for trail mix and enjoyment out of hand.

Milk Chocolate Wafers

A versatile couverture milk chocolate with hints of butter and caramel notes. Great for a variety of chocolate applications including ganache, molding, and enrobing.

Recommended Recipes

Triple Chocolate Hazelnut Bar

S'mores Tart

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