DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Go beyond the bouquet this Mother's Day with these thoughtful gifts for Mom.

Instead of the standard bouquet of flowers or box of scented soaps, give Mom a present that’s truly personal. Read on for great gifts you can customize or make yourself.

A Personalized Serving Tray

Treat her to breakfast in bed served on a tray engraved with her family’s names, a favorite quote or some other meaningful expression. (Other options: Let kids hand-paint a wooden tray, or have a tray customized with family photos or a special design.) Arrange the tray with fresh flowers, monogrammed linen napkins and yummy menu items like our raspberry chocolate tassies or mini chocolate cinnamon buns.

A Treasure Hunt

Kids will have fun creating a set of clue cards, then hiding them around the house and yard to lead Mom to her present. Each clue can include a trivia question about favorite family traditions, memories, and trips that she has to answer before receiving her next clue. (To keep her delighted, include Ghirardelli SQUARES to savor with each clue.) As for the reward at the end of the hunt, Ghirardelli’s Sweet Escape Basket, featuring a mouth-watering assortment of chocolate, makes the perfect treasure.

Mom: The Movie

Make a tribute video about Mom. Include interviews with her children (and other relatives and friends) telling what they adore best about her and sharing favorite stories. Add in footage of memorable family events and create a soundtrack featuring songs she loves. Host a Mother’s Day screening and serve popcorn and bowls Ghirardelli SQUARES like Milk and Caramel, Intense Dark 72%, or Creamy Almond Crunch.

For family and friends who can't make it to the big premiere, post the video on a private YouTube channel, Facebook, or another social media site.

A Hand-Painted Cookie Jar

Let kids paint their handprints and names (or any design they like) on a ceramic or glass cookie jar, then fill the jar with a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies made with Ghirardelli premium milk chocolate baking chips.

A Lunch Box for Mom

It's the kids' turn to pack a lunch box for Mom. Fill it with picnic fixings for a fun afternoon outside or stock it with Ghirardelli SQUARES like Dark & Mint or Dark & Sea Salt Caramel to delight her for days to come.