Unique Easter Basket Ideas

Delight friends and family with these unique Easter basket ideas that give lasting mementos they're sure to love.

This Easter, decorate baskets based on your family and friends' interests to create containers that are individual and unique, filling them with treats and trinkets to match the theme.

For your Pretty Princess Daughter

Younger girls will appreciate the pretty look of a flower-covered basket. Dress up a wicker basket with silk or paper flowers and leaves, which can easily be attached with a hot glue gun. Finish the basket with a big bow of matching silk ribbon and fill it with Ghirardelli Milk & White Chocolate Easter Impressions, Ghirardelli Coconut Chocolate Easter Eggs, and a flower headband or necklace. She’ll love the basket on Easter and will have fun playing dress-up with it all year long.

For your Construction-loving Little Dude

For the son who can’t get enough of playing with his truck and construction set, substitute a plastic toolbox for the traditional Easter basket. Decorate the outside with tool stickers and personalize it with puff paint. Add Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs, then fill the box’s trays with construction-themed toys or a construction vest for pretend play later on.

For your Beach Bum Older Daughter

Easter beach bucket. Personalize the bucket with puff paint, or decorate it with beach postcards or pictures from her favorite seaside town. Add Ghirardelli Milk & Dark Chocolate Easter Impressions for a nod to her sophisticated side plus a bottle of sunscreen, some flip flops, or even a new pair of sunglasses.

For your Sports Fan Teenage Son

Instead of a traditional basket, pick up a baseball cap or plastic helmet for your sports loving older son. Use stickers and photos from his favorite sports teams to decorate the "basket" and include the latest issue of his favorite sports magazine or tickets to a game. Don't forget to include Ghirardelli Easter Impressions for his more grown-up taste.

For your Vintage-Loving Sister

For a pretty update to the Easter basket, think outside the box and skip the basket altogether, decorating a large egg-shaped box instead. Use decoupage glue to apply cutouts of vintage paper to the outside of the box, overlapping paper to create a scrap-booked look, and use lace trim or pearl ribbon along the edges of the egg. Fill the delightful container with small trinkets from a flea market or thrift store, such as vintage keys or figurines, and pastel Ghirardelli Impressions Squares or Easter eggs.

For your Cook-in-the-Kitchen Husband

If your partner loves to cook up a storm, create a basket that stokes his creative juices. Use decoupage glue to apply recipes and food photos to the outside of a plastic basket, or simply use a colander or stockpot as the basket. Fill the basket with the newest issue of his favorite culinary magazine, a couple of kitchen gadgets, and one or two of the fancy ingredients he's had his eye on. Introduce him to an Intense Dark Cherry Tango bar for his Easter delight.

For your Oh-So-Elegant Mom

Take inspiration from a Victorian-era tea party with this pretty Easter lace-like basket. Use fabric stiffener to form a fabric doily around a bowl, setting it into a basket shape. Fill the basket with a set of her favorite teas and Ghirardelli Easter Eggs in Coconut and Crisp flavors; the attractive dish can be used throughout the year to display the gift.

For your Nature-Loving Best Friend

For the friend with a green thumb in your life, replace the basket with a flowerpot. Use natural moss instead of Easter grass, and along with premium Ghirardelli Easter Eggs, include a package of seeds for spring flowers, such as Poppies, and a spade or other garden tools.