Industrial Sizes

Mastery of Premium Chocolate since 1852

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company has been focused on premium chocolate since its founding in 1852, making it the longest continuously operating chocolate company in America. Ghirardelli is also one of only a handful of companies that controls all aspects of chocolate making starting from raw ingredients and finishing with the complete manufacturing and packaging of highly sophisticated chocolate products.

Supreme Bean

Two factors distinguish the cacao bean that go into Ghirardelli chocolate. First, we select only the best beans from the finest origins, brought to us in the best conditions. Our selectivity results in rejecting more than 30% of the cacao beans presented to us to ensure top quality flavor. Second, we have a proprietary blend of cacao beans that balances different flavorful beans from three regions of the world. The blend has been refined over years to combine the unique flavor notes characteristic of different bean origins. This proprietary blend is at the heart of Ghirardelli's distinctive and rich chocolate taste.

Perfection from Bean to Bar

Three processes, roasting, refining and conching are employed to create exceptional chocolate from fine ingredients. At each phrase, Ghirardelli has a strong point of difference that contributes to exceptional quality.

Product Information

For Manufacturers or Distributors call 800.877.9338 for more information on Ghirardelli Chocolate selection of chocolate chips, coatings and cocoa powders in industrial pack sizes.